International North American Indian Association UK


The INAIA is proud to be celebrating its 25th year!

The INAIA is a voluntary, not for profit organisation, it is not political as such but will respond to requests to support actions, especially concerning environmental issues.


Indian playing flute The INAIA was founded in Glasgow in 1987 as the North American Indian Association. It grew to have several branches around the UK. As it grew outside the UK the branches were closed or became independent groups, most of those groups have now folded. The INAIA has members in North America and Europe, at one point we even had a member in Japan.


The INAIA serves to bring together people who have an interest in the original inhabitants of North America. The association has appeal to the general public who might be hesitant to contact academics (this does not mean that some of us have not had higher education). Our members do not wear regalia, give ourselves 'indian' names or hold spurious spiritual ceremonies. The INAIA works to dispel misinformation and misunderstanding about North American Indians, it does not seek to sanctify them, but to portray them not as some kind of exotic species who have mysterious spiritual powers or with a special knowledge of nature; but rather as a race of human beings, with saints and sinners, most of whom have a spiritual awareness and with a care and respect of the environment.


The INAIA does this by writing to the media when insulting and/or offensive items are published. Many people in the media are ignorant about Native Americans and quite often offend by trying to be humorous and witty, sadly they fail. The INAIA staged many exhibitions at small local museums and community centres; it publishes its own quarterly magazine for members, 'The Turtle Islander'.


Indian menThe INAIA assists schools with their projects; it will advise and lend materials and artifacts. The INAIA charges no fee, but will ask only for expenses (postage, photocopying etc) to be met. Please click on the 'SCHOOLS' link in the navigation.

The Public

Sioux dressThe INAIA will try to answer queries or to point them in the right direction. The public includes agencies, authors and others with a question or request for assistance and information.


The INAIA offers membership to anyone with a genuine interest in Native Americans. Membership offers subscription to 'The Turtle Islander' and bulletins, members may borrow books, audio tapes, videos and CD's from the small INAIA library, the only charge here is also for postage.

Membership fees are £6.00 per household, per annum.

Please click on 'MEMBERSHIP' link in the navigation to find the membership form.